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Monday, February 19, 2007

Mardi Gras!

Last week Thursday night at round about 1am an idea came up to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. This idea took flight in the heads of 5 of us, and planning started. We left Oxford on Friday at about 5:30 pm, and arrived at where we were staying (in a parking lot of a hotel that some other friends were staying in) at round about 12:30am. We then decided to make best of the time we had and decided to go to the bars. On our way walking out of the parking lot, a girl asked us to walk with her to a bar because she did not want to walk alone......thus perfect opportunity to go to the bars.

We ended up getting a bar hopping tour by some cocaine addicts. Nonetheless refusing taking coke, we still had lots of fun, oh and lots of alcohol! The next morning, after a rather uncomfortable, yet satisfying sleep, we drove towards the beach. We looked at the atlas, took the shortest road to the beach....followed that road, got the towns we needed on the atlas, and just before we reached to town by the beach, I suddenly saw a lot of familiar tall buildings......we were back in New Orleans!!! I still to today have not a clue what happened there! My roommate believe I have been abducted by aliens and then left us again in a different location.

We accepted our fate and just returned and went to go see the parade and started drinking again. After a lot of beads and boobs and alcohol in millions of people per square meter, we met up with the international girls and continued partying....again till early morning hours. The drive back was surprisingly short. It was a good, yet random and blurry weekend.

Very cool photo's in a photo booth.

The top photo....

Can't say no to the Asian Persuasion.....hehe.....thanks Hanchia!


How can you say no to these?

Wow......are those real???

This is how every street cant walk without stepping on the beach.

The three stooges.

I am making a real statue out of this picture.

Millions of Mardi Gras lovers!

Awesome dudes!

The car we got....kinda smanchy.


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Hey stadig met die drank en boobs en parties dude.

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