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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Stop, think and realize that all was done in only one week. The past week was one of the most fast-paced weeks I've had in my life. So much happened in one single week. I am exhausted at this moment, but I would not want this week to be any different. First of all, my family shared this week with me. I am shocked and amazed by the energy my parents still have. There were times that I felt I cant go further, but they still did....and did it with a smile! So, happiness came to me in so many moments this week, but for now, I will just tell you a few.
1. Arriving in New York, seeing snow still on the ground and throwing my sister with a snowball!
2. Seeing my parents on the subway. Confused amazed and happy.
3. Having beer with whom I now call my dutch conscience.
4. Stopping at every painting in the Guggenheim.
5. My family taking a ride through Vegas with a complete stranger who waited almost an hour for us to get our bags.
6. Standing on top of the world in the Stratoshpere in Vegas. And doing the extreme ride.
7. Sharing a sunset with my sister waiting on the sidewalk for my parents.
8. And last, but not least, taking a crap in the Hilton in Vegas.

In everyone of these moments there were beauty and laughter and fun. I will fill you in with more detail and pictures later, but for now, just know that I had the time of my life!


Blogger Marius said...

:) Ah, watching a barfight in a tuxedo after seeing a bunch of rock 'n rollers doesn't happen every day my friend.

10:07 AM  

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