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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What's my name again?

and just now got another to add to the list : URINE!

Seriously! Who calls their child urine??? I can just smile on my face while agreeing to all these names while bursting out of laughter when people try to pronounce it.

Oh, and also this weekend someone told my mom the most thing they were facinated with was the aboriginals in South Africa. hehe! Another said that she know someone from CaKe Town! Haha! I want to visit Cake Town.

I said bye to my parents today, but it was a "bye, see you in three weeks again"-bye, so it was not to bad. It is still hard however to say goodbye. I saw that in the purity of my mother's tears while she was trying to hold them in. Who would have made reality this way that the best for something or someone you love the most is to set it free?

Anyway, life is good. Sunshine, green nature and a bit of a tan on the bold head.


Anonymous sonie said...

Hey ruan, bly om te sien dit gaan goed met jou. Eerste dag op die job na die Kunstefees. Was lekker en laaaank. Nou is alles weer back to normal. Kan nie meer wag vir jou kuiertjie nie.

Wou al lank al dankie se vir die pakkie en lekker goodies. Daardie grondboontjiebotter-choclate is amazing - ek en bennie het dit verslind op pad na Elrix se troue in Klerksdorp. Die troue was great.

Nou ja, mooi bly - sal jou die week nog mail. belowe.

2:16 AM  

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