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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The perfect holiday....home!

I know that life has taken some twists and turns since I've been writing here, but believe me it was good. I am now on holiday for three weeks in SA. SA welcomed me with sunshine and a tear. I am happy. I was home for about 4 days, then left with a good friend to Cape Town to stay with three other friends that took almost a week off work, and one flew up from Jo'burg just to spend the week with me. Moments of awe was when we were on top of Table mountain (I am kicking myself for it being the first time), sunset in Camps Bay, Making memories with black and white photo's, returning to the wine farm I stayed on and also remembering that some of the nights I dont remember. I am now with my family staying in Houtbay. We are staying in a house where you can spit into the waves crashing on the rocks below. It is breathtaking. I will see two good Oxfordian South African friends this weekend. I am having the perfect holiday! I would not want to have it any other way! I am loving life to the max!


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