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Thursday, September 14, 2006

On the job.

Today is the first day that I feel I am actually doing something being at work on campus. I am really learning a lot from this job, and its great. Now I understand websites, and who knows, afrimerikaner might just get a face lift in the near future. So, this weekend we decided to not go out (yes, we did go out Friday) to town, so we stayed in Saturday night just watching movies and the new series of Prison Break. I am really happy that started. I also finally got my books that I ordered from Amazon, so now I can start being serious with the studies. My first class painting is also finished, and I will post a picture of that soon. O, and by the way, American Airlines decided it appropriate to give me a free ticket for the inconvenience I had with my flight over here. I am still waiting for the voucher to arrive and to check it out....if its an international or domestic and return or one-way. Taken into count my luck, and lets pretend that I am getting a return international, I would like you guys to comment on whether I should use the ticket later to travel or take the first flight home for the december holidays. Well, let me know.
I actualy have to work now, so shoot.