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Monday, October 02, 2006


So life was (and is till tomorrow) a bit busy the past couple of days. Let me start with last thursday. Was a bit stressed with having my first exam in the us of a, but in the end it was ok. The fact that we have to get 80% for the course to pass makes it quite tough. Friday we decided that academic life should be paused for the next two or so days. I slept in till about twelve, had a lazy day, and just started going to the frat houses the evening. Afroman was playing at one of the houses, and it was great to see. The fact that we have accents really helps us get into any place we want to. Its always....you are the South African guys! Hey! Of course you can come in! Here have some beer....and more and more and more! I did not think I'd live to see the day Afroman performed "because I got high" live, but hey it happened, and even in a small crowd. Saturday was as allways amazing. Again so many people came to Oxford from all over to party at the Grove and go watch the game. We started partying at 2pm and left the grove at 2am. It was a great night. Sunday, with a bit of a hangover, we went to the food hall to heal our stomachs, and as we strolled out, Morgan Freeman came out of the next builing. How crazy is that??!!! I did not think that I would meet a celeb in such a small town. We went up to him and shook his hand and had small talk about South Africa. It was so amazing. I think I was a bit dumb struck, because now I think of so many things that I would have loved to ask and say to him, but did'nt. Unfortunately we did'nt have a camera with us at that moment, but he had a speach later on about the Civil Rights Moment and spoke about the first black guy that came to OleMiss, and we took some pics of him there. It was the reveiling of the statue made of the guy (James Meridith). This morning in art class we went to a professional painter's warehouse where he paints, and it was amazing to see his works. Bit of a mad hatter, but a great guy, and I loved the colour in his paintings. Also, a guy in my art class, Matt, have invited me to go wake board with him on thursday. He is a pro, and have sponsors and shit, and I have never done it, but I will definitely give it a shot!

Ok, here are some photo's:

two feet away from Mr. Freeman!

Giving a speech.

Thanks for the pose.

Jerry in his studio/warehouse.

I really liked this one!


Me , Diddi and Muath

Here is the guy(Matt)......

.....And here is what he wants me to do!

Last saturday in the rain at the game.

This saturday in the Grove.

Funny funny photo!

Didi falling in the rain.

We had seats right behind the band.

Ok, so let me know how you are.....leave a comment or mail me!