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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Ok, I need your comments on this one. Tell me what you would do in the following case:

It involves a runaway trolley, five helplesspeople on the track, and a large-framed man looking on from afootbridge. He may or may not be about to tumble to his bloody demise:You get to make the call.That's because in this scenario, you are standing on the footbridge,too. You know that if you push the large man off the bridge onto thetracks, his body will stop the trolley before it kills the five people on the tracks. Of course, he will die in the process. So the questionis: Is it morally permissible to kill the man in order to save five others?

Please tell me your answer and also the mood you were in before reading this. There is two scenario's. The next one will follow in a few days after feedback.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Today I learnt the technique of making certain objects in a painting look warm or cool. Learning stuff like this make me feel good.

My fortune cookie said: "Talent and creativity are yours to use and keep."

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


In my life I have never seen so much rain pooring to the earth as at this moment. I am a bit afraid, but the people here seem calm and normal, so I take it its ok. Today is the first day at work, and I think I will enjoy it.

Monday, August 28, 2006


"Pain is not a bad thing, it is simply something one attempts to avoid." my fortune cookie said. So I will go against what "one usually attempts to" and go to the gym today, and also do the three assignments I need to do!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Country and cowboy hats.

So friday afternoon me, the other two saffa guys and some american dudes decided to go for a beer. We got stuck and at the end of the night, not one of us was together and we each found a way to get home from town on our own......it was such a funny night. I decided to update you a bit with pictures of the people I've been hanging out lately. Its mostly the international students. Saturday night I had my first REAL culture shock. We went to the grove (big open area with a lot of trees and a stage) to watch....said to be a really great band....ja uhm if you like country! I was so shocked to see all these young people go crazy about a country band. I honestly thought it was only older people who listen to this kind of music. But it was still good. Was nice just relaxing on the grass and chilling with the people. Today we all went to a restaurant called Old Venice....we had the nicest Jamaican pasta there! oh, and I took a picture of my elvis sound alike roommate. A really nice guy, and we got him to say "I'm all shook up!" and it was soooooo funny! We were crawling on the floor laughing.

Thanks for the read. Have a nice day.

My roommate Chris aka Elvis.

Me and Didi giving the MAGNUM.

What most girls wear day and night.....now that's what
I call eye candy!

Random photo of our fountain.

Listening to country.

Sara, Portugal.

Diversity: Portugal, France, Taiwan, SA.

The country band.

Restaurant in Memphis.

Chillin infront of our dorm.