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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Small things.

So....some random day last week in a random place in the university in a random bathroom, there was this random toilet! The toilet...for no particular reason (as it was definitely not a disabled toilet)......was higher than the others. I sat on it and my feet merely touched the ground. I had a reflection on being young....had lots of inner laughs.....and just thought it good to share with you! :)


So, everything is really going great with the new fraternity we have created! We are planning parties, charity events, etc etc. We got an article in the local daily paper about our fraternity which explains everything, and last week we got a shortened article in the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED! It is crazy how big this thing is turning out to be. Even the LA Times also wants to interview me and the vice chair. The article that was in the SI was:

"• In what appears to be an example of life imitating art, a group of
international students from the University of Mississippi took a cue from Old
School and started their own fraternity.
The Awesome Dude
Fraternity/Sorority of Alpha Delta was conceived by students who wanted to
experience Greek life, but didn't want to pay dues because they wouldn't be at
the school very long. Anyone is free to join and the fraternity now has 76
members, each of whom is referred to as "president" because they all have equal
say in how things are run. There is a leading group of officers which concists of th chair, vice chair, treasurer, and secritary. Unfortunately for the new frat, the other
fraternities on campus will not recognize them until they win a beer pong

Oh.....and yeah....we already won a beer pong tournament.

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