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Monday, January 15, 2007


New York, Mexico......what can a poor South African bum say about that experience?! I have not been writing on the blog because the enjoyment and busy times kept me from it. New York is a city of not much physical beauty, but the best vibe ever. I had a great time there....mostly spent with an Austrian and Greek-South African friend. Yes we did all the sight seeing stuff like tourists, but also we lived like people who lived there a long time.....(not sure if that makes sense, but for me it does!) We met a bunch of random people...and crazy people....old lady's laughing while reading books in Mc Donalds. It was really just fun, even though for some parts we really had to live like bums. I will leave the rest of the experience for you to see yourself. All I can say is that I really like NYC!!

Mexico oh mexico........first I had a bit of problems not having a visa to enter Mexico....that lead to two more days in New York, and an emergency appointment with the Mexican embassy. When I arrived in Mexico, it was a lot more advanced that I had my mind made it to be. Very nice airport, big city, and friendly people...with the most beautiful girls I have seen per square meter! It was a bit hard with the language barrier.....i felt a bit lost in translation....lol... Even though I could not understand what people said most of the time, I've met some really good friends while staying at some really good friends. This experience made me realize that language is just another form of communication. It is just there to make life easy, but without it you can still survive.....and it gives you a lot of time to think, which i regard as a really good thing. This holiday I have just become even closer friends with two really great Mexican friends, Carlos and Gerardo! I stayed at both of their houses and both times felt part of the family the first day I was there. Mexican food is also great! I had the nicest and spiciest salsa's with all of the traditional foods you can think of. Some times I had no idea what I was eating, but it all tasted great and amazingly it did not give me problems the next morning. New years was also really awesome. We had a really traditional dinner and new year's at Carlos' house with his family. We ate Cabrito (which is goat made on sort of a braai), shot some fireworks, and had the 12 grapes ritual on the last 12 seconds of New Year. It was really a great experience. After that we met up with some girls at the Uma Bar, and had a nice party for the rest of the night. They also took me sightseeing, and I saw the biggest flag in Latin America....it weighs 250kg's!! It is really huge!! We also drove a bit to a really nice waterfall in Santiago. The rest of the time we were just hopping round Monterrey, seeing really great stuff and meeting nice people! If you ever have the opportunity, go, because it is all what you thought and also all what you didn't think about.

I am now back in Oxford, and life is going on. A bit too much at the moment to sort out, but it is going, and I just reflect back everyday and think of the amazing holiday I had! Thank all of you that contributed to make this such a great holiday!

Oh....and here is some pictures.

Funny Picture...

At the ever so famous (thank you home alone movies) Christmas tree in NY.

Art....Me and Flo...the Austrian dude.

Note the American born.

Hard Rock Cafe in NY.

A drunk poet who claims to have freed Nelson Mandela.

And after them a Hip Hop Jazz band....was really great!

Empire state building.

Me and Flo at the surf bar.

A very nice dinner we cooked in the apt....(yes marius...I think for the first time your stove really worked! LOL)

Nice building.

From the Staten Island Ferry.

Nice airplane flying by.

The Staten Island ferry.

The musicians in the subways were AMAZING!

Waterfall at Santiago in Mexico.

Gerardo's family.

The big flag.

Never though I would see this car for a first time in Mexico.

They have beautiful mountains....(I miss table mountain!)

Nice girls! or like they say Muchas Wapas!

Feather guy.


12 Grapes.

The family I spent New Years with.

Monterrey is a big city!

There is still lots more to see...but I cant put everything on here. Ask me if you see me again!