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"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly!"

Friday, September 22, 2006

Art of life.

So I had severe bronchitis as the doctor described it, but feeling lot better now. My roommate invited me to the beachhouse for the weekend, but I could'nt go as I have 2 papers to write, a painting to finish and an exam next thursday. Oi! I would have love to go, but hey its life.
The empty promises of my fortune cookie and the guy at the garage that I would have my car this week also did not realise. But soon I will have it and will be mobile and persue my butterfly-soul dream of travelling. Seeing that I cannot go home for december, I also decided to definitely go to New York and check out the surroundings.
On thursday we had an international fare for OleMiss students to check out the different countries that they can go on exchange and to tell them a bit more about our universities and countries. It was quite cool, and I met great people to party with this saturday. By the way, saturday is the second home football game of the season, so that again means a lot of people and huge parties.

Here is some pictures of the art class and my painting, as well as the international fare. I promise to include the hot girls in the art class in my pictures next time.

International fare in the circle.

Stellenbosch is the best!

So, this and this is the best wine farms you can visit.

What we need to paint in art class.

A random busy with her painting.

My painting.


Monday, September 18, 2006


Ok, here are some random pieces of information and a photo:

I am sick as hell with a huge fever.

American Airlines gave me a 100 dollar voucher to use on one of their next flights. whoohoo!!!

Tim Reynolds is playing here in October.

Going to go see BBKing's restaurant and listen to him.

Going on a trip in October to Nashville.

It is against the Mississippi law to drive around the circle in the square more than 100 times. (and I ask my self why do you want to do that?)

Here is a cool photo of me and some of the guys hanging by the pool:

And finally, there is a black haircomb lying next to the keyboard here in the library. If someone has lost one, or need one, let me know.