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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Ok, so here I was thinking I should write a short piece on how it feels to be here, knowing that the days will start to get cooler, and hearing from people back at home.....the days getting bit warmer day by day......and BAM!......the weather change from 24 degrees yesturday to 11 today! And it feels like being in England with the really cold wind that makes your nose run. For this week, actually for tuesday and yesturday, I had 5 assignments to complete, wich two of them is essays of 6 pages with reference lists.....and on top of that our art teacher gave us an assignment last wednesday to find an actual house of interest, take pictures of it, and build a small replica of the house and paint it the same colours. Yes, he gave us this assignment on wednesday, and expected us to finish it by monday. Enough explaining why I did not write on the blog. Life is turning out pretty good. After a month of running around (worse than with the Admin A people in Stellies), I finally sorted out my tax, and from now on won't have to pay tax.
Yesturday I received a phone call from one of my best friends in SA, and It was soooo amazing just to speak to him like we used to have everyday conversation, and before knew, we talked for about 40 mins. I really do miss all my friends back at home. You guys are the best.....but also you people that I have met on my travels...thanks for the great friendships. I think without my friends support, I would'nt have been what I am today.

Ok, enough now. I will post some pictures of the model home we built and some more social pics either later today or tomorrow.

Pasta La Vista!